Anyone who reblogs this with a load of text trying to justify their shitty actions is only further proving my point, so I dare you.

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I could not agree more

Not to mention the number of SJWs who are proudly homophobic (its okay for a feminist to be homophobic against gay men) transphobic (again its okay to shit on trans men teehee) transphobic in general (TERFs and the transtrenders who call trans people “truscum” and actually campaign to dislodge them from their own movement) 

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Some more reasons why I won’t join any sort of social justice movement.


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this won’t get 1% of the women’s version of this post. 

the world we live in, and people in general don’t care about men. we are pretty much robots who aren’t allowed to show emotion. we’re taught from a young age that boys don’t cry. 

fact is women are sexualised, men are idealised. because men can’t be raped because they’re big and strong right? right? yea, pretty much the idiots view of living. 

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reblogging because I cannot stand when people act like women are the only things in the world

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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smart-alek said: I honestly don't get what's up with this shit about dress codes. I've seen far more examples of school personnel telling guys to pull their pants up (even one such example where the principal gave one guy a piece of rope to use as a belt because they wouldn't keep their pants up) than anything else. The worst I've seen was maybe you occasional enforcement of the "skirt/shorts no shorter than the tips of your fingers" rule every now and again.


I have literally never seen anyone complain on a larger scale than just to each other until about last year.

It’s these spoiled, entitled kids that think the world needs to change for them, and they’re abusing “activism” and “feminism” as a reason to try to lend credibility to their needless whining.

That’s all any of it is, really.

That’s the only reason why they’ve suddenly latched on so desperately to these terms:  They can use them as reasons to justify their pointless demands, and try to do away with anything that they don’t happen to like.  Even the most trivial of matters that have been set in place for decades without complaint are being targeted, because these people have discovered a new form of ammunition to wage war against them.

They don’t care about any “victims” besides themselves, because it’s all a game of who can be the biggest victim.  If you’re an actual victim of anything, and happen to disagree with them, you’re talked down to, disregarded, victim-blamed, and endlessly harassed and bullied into silence.  These kids have figured out that not only can they use “activism” and “feminism” as a means to wage idiotic crusades that they’ll never win, but they’ve also realized that they can use it as a substitute for actually being an interesting enough human being for anyone to give a shit about.  They have now found a way to make themselves seem interesting without actually being interesting, and they will pitch a hissy fit the size of Jupiter if anyone tries to stand in the way of that.

It’s all about attention.  It’s all about who can slap on the most labels, and who can claim to be the most “oppressed”.

It’s about demanding special recognition and treatment for claiming to stand for values and ideals that all human beings should support WITHOUT needing to advertise it.

It’s all about trying to be more than they really are by thinking they’re actually doing anything worthwhile while they literally accomplish jack shit.

They don’t want to grow up - they want the rest of the world to grow down

That’s it.  That’s why “social justice warriors” exist.

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feminists and sjw’s and beta white knight males troll, threaten and harass and dox a 12/13 year old boy (according to twitter and the guy who doxxed him) for saying that comedians have the right to make any joke they want even if its about rape.

one of the people involved is an employee of EA (lel what happened to the FCKH8 campaign lmao) and a mod at Something Awful.

in depth explanation here

It’s funny because this kid is like 20x more mature than these 30 year old women and level 80 paladins will ever be. It’s wonderful to see a feminist get to thoroughly butttrundled by a 12 year old. I feel refreshed.

And seriously, making comments about a 12 year olds dick? Imagine how fast you’d get B& and V& for harassing a 12 year old girl about her ‘big dangly beef curtain gargantuan sarlac mega-cunt’

-Plastic Man

Also Helena Bottom Farter is currently whining and saying she’s a victim and we “need to make the internet safer for women” 

Well guess what sweetie, if a grown ass woman like you (30 years old!) is a big enough girl to threaten, harass and dox a 13 year old (not to mention talk about his penis size), you’re a big enough girl to deal with the consequences, you inbred troglodyte freak

I actually saw people on another post about this saying she wasn’t involved and she’s a victim and I’m like, “Do you not see where she calls his being doxxed and threatened ‘consequences’ for him saying nothing should be off limits in comedy?” But no, she’s totally not a part of this mob justice on a fucking 13 year old boy who did nothing to them.

What a hypocrite

Apparently its violence against women for a 30 year old to receive backlash for the fucked up shit she said to a child 

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A girlfag is a person assigned female at birth who feels a strong attraction to gay and bisexual men. Girlfags often have an affinity for gay male culture.


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